Heliophysics Integrated Observatory

Getting Started

The Heliophysics Integrated Observatory (HELIO) is a Research Infrastructure that was established under the EC's FP7 Capacities Programme to support the relatively new science of Heliophysics. Details of the HELIO project and our interactions with the Community can be found by following the links.

HELIO provides access to data from observatories throughout the heliosphere together with metadata and tools that allow the user to make an intelligent selection of data that are relevant to their science use cases. The required capabilities are implemented as a set of services that can be used to identify and track interesting events and phenomena and find observations that describe them as they evolve and propagate through the Solar System.

The Capabilities pages describe how HELIO has been implemented. They detail the types of services that have been established, what they can do and how they can be used. Searches for suitable observations are based on metadata and the pages also describe what metadata are available and what data can be accessed. Multiple instances of many of the services have been established in order to ensure that the system is resilient; it is also helping to ensure the sustainability of the HELIO infrastructure.

The Access pages describe how to use the components of HELIO, individually and orchestrated through a number of techniques including a comprehensive Graphic User Interface (GUI). You may be particularly interested in the HELIO Front End (the GUI), the Interfaces for the individual Services and Orchestrating the Services.

A comprehensive set of Help Documents give details of each of the services and the different ways in which they can be orchestrated using a scripting language (IDL/SolarSoft or Python/SunPy) or the Taverna Workflow Tool.

Capabilites Access
HELIO GUI Interfaces
Current Solar Activity

Last updated: 15th November 2015