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GOES Light-curve

Plot GOES light-curve for selected time interval.

     Starting date:   
     Ending date:   
     Plot type: X-ray    Proton    Both


    (Currently only supports plots from September 2002 onwards)

Flare Locations

Create a plot showing the locations of flares leading up to selected time.

     Starting date:   


Parker Spiral

Create plot of the Parker Spriral showing the locations of planets and spacecraft.

     Starting date:
     Solar Wind Velocity:
     Plot Parameters:        Inner    Outer         View:



Links to summary pages of solar observations will be generated in the return; those included are shown here

CDAW Movie

Make a call to the NASA-GSFC CDAW Movie Generator for selected time interval.

     Starting date:   
Select the desired Left and Right hand panels
     Movie Panels:       


    (Please make intelligent choices – date checking is quite crude)
    (In some cases you may need to hit the Start button on the movie page)

SolarMonitor AR Movies

Make Movie for selected Active Region from images in SolarMonitor

     NOAA Active Region (NAR):
     Movie type:


    (Currently only supports plots from 30 Mar 2010 onwards)

Data Gather

Define a (broad) time interval either by explicitly setting the time range or by entering an Active Region number. A light curve for the interval will be presented and you can use a box cursor to select a specific, narrower time interval that can be used to request a data search.

If the time range is based on an active region, the time plot used can either be the one available on the Active Region summary pages or one generated from GOES SXR data.


    By entered Time Range     By NOAA Active Region No.
   Starting date:    Enter NAR No.:
   Ending date:    (Range of supported AR No.s: 11900-12765)


   Plot type: X-ray    Proton    Both   
   (Currently only supports plots from September 2002 onwards)      (For NAR option, select plot that will be used)



Context Service

The Context Service (CXS) creates images on-the-fly using a processing capability based on the IVOA's Universal Worker Service (UWS) Pattern. The CXS is used to generate different types of plots that are used by the HELIO Front End (HFE) to assist the user.

To use the CXS, make the required selections (the time range of interest, type of plot required, etc.) and then press "Send Request". The resulting image or movie should appear on the new page after a few seconds.

Currently the Context Service is able to create:

  • Plot of GOES light-curve for a selected time interval (soft X-ray or protons)
  • Plot of solar image for a selected date, over-plotted with the location of SXR flares
  • Plot the Parker Spiral for a selected date with the location of planets and spacecraft shown
  • Movie of an active region (NAR) using images from the SolarMonitor site
  • Define a time interval of interest and request observational data for selected instruments for the interval   

The Context Service also provides enhanced access to:

  • Movies of coronagraph, etc. images for a selected time interval from the CDAW archive at NASA/GSFC

Recent Updates:

  • The Parker Spiral plot now creates links to Web sites with solar observations for the selected date
  • Flare location image now has links for the ARs into corresponding SolarMonitor images
  • Data Gather capability added in early 2020.

CXS Node:

Last updated: 27th June 2020

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