Heliophysics Integrated Observatory

HELIO User Interface

The HELIO services can be accessed in an integrated way using the HELIO Front-End:

HELIO Front End  (HFE)                                                        
  See the Screencast Tutorial describing how to use the HFE.

GUIs for Individual Services

We have developed GUIs for the HELIO services that allow the user direct access. Where there are multiple GUIs these are listed in the second column; in some cases other instances can only be accessed through their Web Service interfaces. The status of the nodes is shown here.

Heliophysics Event Catalogue  (HEC)               [ Audits: HEC1, HEC2, HEC3 ]
  (Around 90 events list from all parts of the heliosphere)           []
  HEC1,   HEC2,
Heliophysics Feature Catalogue  (HFC)             [ Coverage: HFC1, HFC2 ]
  (Features include: filamants, coronal holes, sunspots, active regions, type III)    
  HFC1,   HFC2  
Data Evaluation Service  (DES)
  The DES allows the user to identify events within time-series data
Context Service  (CXS)
  Currently available: GOES lightcurve, Flare Location plotter, Parker Spiral model
  CXS1,   CXS2  
Instrument Capabilities Service  (ICS)
  (Some instances only available via Web Service)
  ICS1,   ICS2
Instrument Location Service  (ILS)
  (Some instances only available via Web Service)
  ILS1,   ILS2
Unified Observing Catalogue  (UOC)
  (Catalogues that aid access to specific datasets – planetary & pointed instruments)
  UOC1,   UOC2
Data Provider Access Service  (DPAS)
  Access to >200 instruments from more than 60 observatories through over 30 providers
  DPAS1,   DPAS2
  DPAS3,   DPAS4
HELIO Registry Service  (HRS)
   The Registry contains information about all the services that HELIO uses.
   Which Services are deployed where is goven in the    [Overview, Overview - text]
  HRS1,   HRS2,

Note: Several interfaces are best if viewed using Firefox, Chrome or Safari.
For help infomation on a service follow   (There are multiple instances of many services)
To access the Blog discussions use ; look here for service updates

Access to HELIO through Application Software

It is also possible to access HELIO from application software based on IDL/SolarSoft and Python/SunPy – more information can be found here

Last updated: 26th June 2020