Heliophysics Integrated Observatory

User Access

There are several ways to access the HELIO, which is most suitable depends on how you like to interact with systems of this kind and your level of expertise in certain areas.

HELIO has been developed as a set of independent services – these are described under Capabilities. The services can be used individually, within a workflow or scripting language, or through the HELIO Front-End user interface.

These options are described below and more information can be found on the Help Docs pages. Access URLs to the Service GUIs can be found on the Interfaces page.

HELIO Front-End

The HELIO Front-End (HFE) is intended to provides the user with an interface that affords integrated access to HELIO's capabilities without the need to understand how the system is constructed. The user follows some simple steps in order to identify interesting observations and locate the data. The HELIO Front-End can be found here.

Using the Services individually

User Interfaces have been developed for most of the HELIO services. While some of the interfaces provide information that is mainly of interest to the developers, those of the HEC, HFC, CXS and DPAS are of interest to the general user.

It is also possible to access the Services through their Web service (SOAP and/or REST) interfaces, or through the HELIO API. Please contact us if you need more information about these forms of access.

Orchestrating the Services

The services can also be combined together using workflow tools. HELIO selected the Taverna Workflow Management System for the project; this is discussed in the pages on the Capabilities of HELIO.

HELIO can also be accessed through different types of applications solarware such as IDL/SolarSoft and Python/SunPy.

Details about Orchestrating the Services are given in the Help Documentation pages.

Last updated: 28th April 2015