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The HELIO project has engaged the community in a number of ways.

Coordinated Data Analysis Workshops (CDAWs)

During the project we held several Coordinated Data Analysis Workshops (CDAWs). These provided the opportunity for the HELIO Team to demonstrate the capabilities of the project to community. In each Workshop we addressed science problems that were appropriate for the capabilities of the system at that time (cf. the Release Strategy).

  • An Internal CDAW was held at UPS/IAS in November 2010 (PM 18).
  • The First CDAW with the wider community was held at TCD in April 2011 (PM 23).
  • The Second CDAW was held at ICTP (Trieste) in October 2011 (PM 29).
  • The Third CDAW was held at UPS/IAS in February 2012 (PM 33).
  • The Final CDAW was held at TCD in September 2012 (PM 40).

Other Workshops

The Taverna Workflow tool is one of the ways that the HELIO Services can be orchestrated. In order to help members of the HELIO project, a Workshop explaining Taverna was held at the University of Manchester in February 2012.

Community Coordination Meetings

In order to inform the community and gather input, several Community Coordination Meetings were held. They were typically splinter meetings at larger Conferences but dedicated meetings were also. The first such meeting a splinter session was held in conjunction with SOTERIA at the 6th European Space Weather Week in November 2009.

Follow the link for Coordination Meetings for more information on this activity.

User Groups and Focus Groups

The User Groups were used to help to define the requirements of the HELIO project and then validate any products. Follow the link for User Groups for more information.

The Focus Groups helped to resolve how to undertake certain tasks within the HELIO project; they were primarily active during the first year of the project. Follow the link for Focus Groups for more information.

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