Heliophysics Integrated Observatory

Other Documents

HELIO Documents

Some of the documents produced by HELIO are of general interest:

  HELIO Architecture Document
HELIO Data Model
Coordinate Systems used by HELIO
Heliospheric Propagation Tool Specification

Reference Material

HELIO Concepts Document:

The Concepts Document outlines how the tasks that HELIO needs to perform could be broken into a set of service. Links to sites described in this Document can be found on the Concepts Document Links page; many useful documents can be found on these sites.

Deliverables and Reference Material from the CASSIS pages

The CASSIS project involves several of the HELIO partners and examined way of improving interoperability of data and services used in Solar System science.

Data Models and Ontologies:


A list of links to  Providers that are relevent HELIO is available.

Last updated: 29th January 2019