Heliophysics Integrated Observatory

Help Documentation

This part of the site covers documentation about the HELIO Services and how to use them. Access URLs to the Service GUIs can be found on the Interfaces page under the Access part of the site.

Service Descriptions

The link to Service Descriptions provides an outline description of the purpose of each of the HELIO services.

Orchestrating the Services

It is possible to combine the HELIO Services in a number of different ways ways:
  • Through the HELIO Front-End
  • Using Taverna Workflows
  • Access through Application Software   (IDL/SolarSoft and Python/SunPy)
Links describing each of these routes are provided under Orchestrating the Services.

Service Guides

For each HELIO service we have prepared two guides:
  • User Guide
  • Developers' Guide
Follow the link for Service Guides to see the list of guides that are available.

Other Documents

Other documents created during the project that could be useful, including:
  • The HELIO Data Model and Concepts Document
  • Documents on the Choice of Coordinates and the Propagation Model.
  • Links to Useful References

Last updated: 23rd April 2015