Heliophysics Integrated Observatory



HELIO has been working the SOlar TERrestrial Investigations and Archives (SOTERIA) project since the start of the project; the two project compliment each other quite well – HELIO is creating infrastructure while SOTERIA is concentrating on providers.

In addition to telecons and technical meetings, we have cooperated in the following ways:

  • In November 2009, HELIO and SOTERIA held a joint splinter session at the 6th European Space Weather Week in Bruges, Belgium.
  • In March 2010, HELIO provided SOTERIA with the code needed to establish its own event catalogue based on HELIO's Heliophysics Event Catalogue (HEC).

Europlanet RI

Heliophysics is the effects of the Sun on the Solar System; HELIO therefore needs to be able to provide access planetary data. In order to facilitate this we have been working with Europlanet RI, another research infrastructure funded under FP7.

We have been discussing ways of providing more interoperable forms of access to planetary data. This is an ongoing process.


The collaborations with Europlanet RI and SOTERIA led to the submission of the proposal for a Coordination Action in November 2009. This project, the Coordination Action for the integration of Solar System Infrastructures and Science (CASSIS), was selected and is just coming to the end of the Negotiation phase. The project is due to start on 1 June 2010.


There are differences between astrophysics and science within the Solar System in the way that research is undertaken. Because we are immersed within the system that we are trying to study, there are many more observations and the level of detail is much greater. In addition, we are really looking at changes in a single system – the science therefore is more event driven than object drive.

However, from a technology standpoint, there are many similarities between the disciplines and this means that there are things that we can share. HELIO is already using several pieces of technology developed within the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) – for example, VOTables are used to exchange information between the services of HELIO – and employing the thinking involved in others.

Because of the differences, we have found it necessary to make some modifications to the standards but we are discussing how to incorporate these changes with the IVOA. This is an ongoing process.

Last updated: 29th January 2019