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Heliophysics is a relatively new domain that explores the Sun-Solar System Connection; it requires the joint exploitation of solar, heliospheric and planetary magnetospheric and ionospheric observations.

The Heliophysics Integrated Observatory, HELIO, is a Research Infrastructure that addresses the needs of a broad community of researchers in Heliophysics; the project was funded under the Capacities Specific Programme within the EC's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

HELIO has deployed a distributed network of services that provides a rich search environment and the most comprehensive integrated information system in this domain. The architecture of HELIO, based around multiple instances of services, has resulted in an infrastructure that is resilient, extensible and sustainable.

HELIO provides access to data from more than 200 instruments from observatories throughout the heliosphere and the tools to make intelligent choices about which are of interest. The Event Catalogue contains lists describing events that have occurred in different part of the heliosphere while the Feature Catalogue describes the evolution of solar and heliospheric features. Other metadata services provide information about which instruments are suitably located to make the required observations and a propagation model helps to tie the observations together. The services can be accessed through a very capable GUI, or orchestrated using Workflow or scripting capabilities.

The Current Solar Activity pages include plots, tables and links summarizing current active regions, flares and CMEs. The Archive Pages within that site provide access to daily summaries of Solar Activity and Active Region reports going back to early 2012.


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Last updated: 30th January 2022