Active Region Reports:  2021/06/22
Pages summarizing each currently visible solar active region with plots of the evolution of the region area and the occurrence of flares.
  Active Regions on the disk

Active Region 12833
Active Region 12833

  Active Regions due to return    (next 2 days)

Active Region 12830
Active Region 12830

   Click on an Active Region plot to display the Region Report including the region evolution and flaring history.
   Link to the USAF/NOAA Solar Region Summary (SRS) file for today.
   HEC Search for NOAA Active Regions for today and yesterday    (from noaa_active_region_summary)
   Link to the plot showing the locations of Flares and Active Regions.
   AR Synoptic Plot [Pop-up] (STEREO and Earth views) showing Active Regions that could be returning.
   View the Report for a Recent Active Region   

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