Heliophysics Integrated Observatory
Coordinated Data Analysis Workshop
Trinity College Dublin, Dublin (Ireland)
Date:   April 11-13, 2011


The first HELIO Coordinated Data Analysis Workshop will be held at Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Dublin, Ireland on 11–13 April 2011. The Workshops are intended to allow us to demonstrate what HELIO is capable of and give user the chance to try the HELIO system.

Workshop Goals

The goal of the workshop is to analyse a variety of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and co-rotating interacting regions (CIRs) using HELIO, and to compare the results with previously published findings. The ultimate aim is to validate HELIO and identify how the capabilities of the system might be improved over the lifetime of the project. Examples of the questions that participants might have in mind include:
  • Can HELIO be used to identify complementary data sets for the CDAW case studies?
  • CMEs: What is the arrival time of a CME at a particular point in the Heliosphere given a particular launch time and position on the Sun? Conversely, given the onset of an effect at a planet, can the causal event on the Sun be identified?
  • Solar wind: What is the expected arrival time and duration of a high-speed solar wind flow at a particular planet, given that its source is a given coronal hole? Similarly, given the detection of a stream interaction region in interplanetary space, what is its source on the Sun and its trajectory through space?
  • How can the HELIO catalogues be used to confirm the occurrence of these and similar events? For example, can effects at various points in the Heliosphere be connected via a particular physical model?
One of the reasons for posing these questions is to explore the capabilities of HELIO, and determine how it can be extended.

Primary Science Goals

Science Goal 1: CMEs at various points in the Heliosphere

Identified below are examples of CMEs impacting one or more of the inner planets of the Solar System.

Science Goal 2: Effects of high-speed solar wind flows in the Heliosphere

Identified below are examples of CIRs impacting one or more of the inner planets of the Solar System.

Meeting Schedule

Preliminary details of the Meeting Schedule.

Meeting Information

Details of the Venue, Transportation, Accomodation, etc.


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Click here to see a list of participants that attended the CDAW.


SOC: Bob Bentley (UCL-MSSL; Chair), Mauro Messerotti (INAF), Peter Gallagher (TCD), Benoit Lavraud (UPST), Astrid Veronig (U. Graz), Baptiste Cecconi (Obs. Paris), Alex Young (NASA-GSFC).
LOC: Peter Gallagher (TCD; Chair), Paul Higgins (TCD), Larisza Krista (TCD), David Perez-Suarez (TCD).


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