Test Instances of the HELIO Services

The links in the tables below let you to test the interfaces to a HELIO Service; they emulate requests made to the databases or other type of service that would have been generated by an applications programme (Web Service Interfaces) or a Web Form (GUI Interfaces).

The table of the Web Service Interface is generated automatically by an audit routine that runs three times a day; the links can be used to re-execute the tests that were used. The colour of the links indicates the success or failure (green/red) of the most recently executed test (at the time shown at bottom).

In the GUI Interfaces table, the links probe things that happen behind the GUI to ensure that the all the necessary modules are working. A purple service name indicates that the test is the same as that used in the Web Service Interface test. A greyed out service name indicates that, although the service is present on that node, either a Graphic User Interface (GUI) is not available or it is not simple to emulate of the output of the GUI.

Web Service Interfaces

GUI Interfaces

helio.mssl.ucl.ac.uk HRS HEC   ICS ILS DPAS CXS UOC  
helio.ukssdc.ac.uk HRS     ICS ILS DPAS      
msslkr.phys.ucl.ac.uk HRS     ICS ILS DPAS      
msslkk.mssl.ucl.ac.uk   HEC   ICS ILS DPAS CXS UOC  
voparis-helio.obspm.fr HRS HEC HFC ICS ILS DPAS      
helio-hqi.ias.u-psud.fr     HFC            
amda-dev.irap.omp.eu                 DES